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Golfers Mobility Manual

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FLEX: The Golfers Mobility Manual - Every Stretch you'll EVER need!

Start with this incredible 150 page Golf Focused Movement Ebook for FREE so you can explore movement, relieve stiffness and pain whilst giving yourself the perfect platform for long term improvement on and off the course!

As golfers, we all want to improve our Flexibility, to move better and improve our golf swings and that is exactly what this incredible eBook will help you do!

Without the Golfers Mobility Manual, you'll be left wanting to improve your flexibility not actually making progress! Get the ebook, hit your stretches and improve your golf now and into the future! With 150 pages of Golf Specific knowledge and structured mobility sessions that will help you change your body and your game!

This eBook will have lifetime value for you and your game!

We break the body down into 5 Segments:

Neck & Shoulders - Chest & Thoracic Spine - Core & Pelvis - Glutes & Posterior - Legs, Ankles & Feet

Each segment Includes:

5 Zero Equipment Movements ✅ 

3 Banded Movements ✅ 

5 Day Micro Cycle to focus specifically on this area ✅ 

High quality images, clear descriptions and the direct links to your game ✅ 

The eBook also includes:

Understandable and applicable knowledge on your golf swing, the body and how to make real progress ✅ 

14 Day Macro Cycle Challenge working on the whole body for Golf Specific Gains ✅ 

Coaching from the #1 Golf Fitness platform in the Game ✅ 

Static Stretches, Dynamic Movements, Banded Resistance and how to apply them all ✅ 

A lifelong resource for all things Flexibility, Mobility Warm Ups and Golf Performance ✅ 

You will improve your Mobility, you will always have a golf specific warm up and you will have an incredible pathway forward to continued progress.

     What you need:

    • The desire to become more flexible and spend 10-20 minutes a day as often as you can to improve your Health, Fitness and Golf Swing.
    • An exercise band is going to give you huge value however starting with zero equipment will also be ok.

    Upon purchase, you will receive your eBook as a high quality PDF download. Save on desktop and on mobile, open with and save to books for a high quality user experience.

    An incredible Golf Fitness program for smashing your goals as well as your drives - you will be amazed by your progress and performance.

    Don’t forget to download the GOLFWOD APP for a full movement library, incredible community and much more.

    All of our Ebooks are individual products and as such do not integrate with the GOLFWOD APP. More mobility and all of these movements are integrated into the new GOLFWOD APP. Due to the knowledge and depth of this book, even our App users will see tremendous value from this manual. 

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    ​Stretching, Drills and Practice Sessions that help you take your physical changes to the Course faster so you can swing with ease and deliver the consistency you have always dreamed of!​

    Swing Analysis so we can help you understand how to make changes, why the Movements and Exercises are for you and give you a a structure absolutely guaranteed to deliver amazing results!

    A Nutritional Overview to help you make better choices, balance your lifestyle and be fully fuelled on the course!

    We also help you establish your expectations and mindset so you can not only break through boundaries, but set yourself up for long term success!

    This really is the way you break through Average, forget about poor ball striking and short drives to experience better Golf, better Health and better Fitness!

    The Devastating Mistakes Made By Virtually All Golfers can be a distant memory. No more thinking you are making progress when you're actually just wasting your time and energy.

    Nearly every Golfers looking to improve makes these common yet fatal mistakes – aimless practice and working on swing changes that can't physically work for THEM!

    Save Yourself countless hours Of Costly Trial & Error By Using your personalised training program to build your dream golf swing!

    Lifetime APP Membership + Onboarding - GOLFWOD

    Lifetime APP Membership + Onboarding

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    Get your Personalised Golf Season Training Plan with the #1 Golf Fitness App!

    Lifetime Membership is available through APRIL ONLY to help you start the season strong! Golf Strong!

    Our best ever Onboarding Process includes your short and long term Training Recommendations, PGA Swing Analysis, Flexibility & Recovery Advice, Nutrition and how to bring it all together to create your ideal Time and Lifestyle Balance!

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    You're now ready to join GOLFWOD, onboard with the Team and crush all of your Goals with the GOLFWOD App!

    You can Onboard via with Head of Performance Michael to get started! We will cover your game, training, flexibility, nutrition and more!

    The process is simple:

    Hit Purchase > Email the requested details > Receive Your App Membership (No Subscriptions) > Experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

    App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 48 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

    Why Lifetime?

    The only thing more popular than our Annual Membership? Lifetime Membership!

    Why? Because commitment is a key component to success when you want to make real progress! Plus, no subscription hassle, just a one time payment and literally a Lifetime of value!

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    We also have the daily workouts, 7 days a week of 5 programs that give you the best fitness and performance experience in one app, or select a program and get to work!

    With Mobility, Drills, Practice and so much more, your work will be rewarded and we guarantee you will see a difference on and off the course in as little as 7 days!

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    This is huge and this is where you can leave your playing partners behind! 

    We can't wait to get to work!

    App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 48 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

    No Free Trial is included in this purchase, though they are available via the app stores if you would prefer to start there.

    The 1-on-1 coaching is subject to availability and no minimum requirements. Communications will be done via email to or in some cases calls and or texts. The 1-on-1 coaching will help you complete workouts and training already provided within the app with the additional help of our ongoing guidance. Your progress must be based upon consistent use of the app, provable through your usage and tracking and we must feel the request to be reasonable in its approach.

    When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.