How any golfer can break 90!

The Golf Training Program for Consistency, Ball Striking and Lower Scores!
create a better body and a better swing to play better golf!

For many Golfers struggling to Break 90 and get down into the 80's, it is inconsistency that really ruins the scorecard!

A few good holes is ruined by a bad swing and then things get difficult. The problem here is that we repeat the same mistakes and don't address what is really causing them!

That is so often, how your body works, fatigue and the fact that your body can't repeat the same motion often enough to give you the results you want to see!

Practicing those same bad habits on the range won't help. You need a plan...

With Break 90, we offer up specific PGA Drills and unique Practice Sessions to help you swing it better than ever, but that is nothing compared to what this entry level Golf Fitness Training Program will do for you!

Time to Golf Strong!
Program focus

Simple, Progressive 12 week Golf Fitness Program focusing on Stability, Core and Rotation.

Mobility and Stretching elements throughout the week to help you move better and more freely.

PGA Drills & unique Practice Sessions to match to your Workouts for seamless progress in your Golf Swing.

All Tracked with your unique Golf Fitness Handicap!

Full movement demos, coaching and support available in the GOLFWOD APP.


Already down to a 9 handicap since starting to train alongside you guys. Thanks and keep up the hard work! 

Park Roberts

This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself

Joshua Wright

Appreciate all your help!  Your programs have really helped my back which has helped me get out and play more without any pain!  Keep up the awesome work!

Jake Armstrong
EVERYThing you need to know:

12 Week Program split into 3 x 4 week blocks.

Beginner to Intermdiate & 30-60 Minutes per session.

Low Equipment to Start - Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Bands or Cables.

3 Days of Workouts per Week with 2 Days of Flexibility & 1 Day of Drills and Practice.

Easy to track your Progress in the Gym and on the Course!

Sample Workout

1.1 Workout

Asymmetry - 3 Rounds

12 Single Arm Seated Press

12 Single Leg RDL 

12 Russian Twists 

(all 6 each side)

Power - 4 Rounds

12 Kettlebell Swings

3 Broad Jumps

Rest 60 Seconds between Rounds

Rotation - 3 Rounds

12 Lunge with Club Hold Rotation (6 each leg)

6 Golf Posture Power Rotations

6 Lateral Bounds (both 3 each side)

WOD - 4 Rounds For Time

12 Sit Ups

6 Push Up with Mountain Climber

200m Run/Row or 500m Bike or 12 Burpees

Challenge Score: Sub 8 Minutes

‘Welcome to a packed Day 1 on the road to Breaking 90! Starting out with Asymmetry for rotational and stability benefits alongside movement improvements we then head into our explosive element of Swings and Jumps - huge for Posterior Chain and acceleration. Work specifics with an awesome rotation set, focusing on your range of motion and quality before a core conditioning finisher - push the intensity and try finish in 8 Minutes or less!’

1.2 Flexibility

Lower Body - 2 Rounds

20 Hip 90-90 Knee Taps

20 Kossack Lateral Squats

20 Single Leg Glute Bridge (all 10 each side)

Upper Body - 2 Rounds

20 Seated Torso Rotations

20 Dynamic Windmill Rotations

20 Standing Crossover Rotations or Single Arm Windmill (all 10 each side)

Core - 2 Rounds

10 Hollow Rocks or 30 Second Hollow Hold

20 Split Stance T-Spine Rotations

30 Mountain Climbers

Challenge Score: Complete Core Work without Rest

‘These Mobility sessions will be a key component of your progress moving forward and in 15 minutes or less, will have you moving and feeling great. Take your time to complete, work to your level and always focus on your breathing to create a relaxed pattern and maximum benefit.’


I did the Swing Builder Get Fast program and saw a difference almost immediately. My movement was so much better everything got easier!

Chris, USA

I've enjoyed the workouts since day 1. I like the daily workouts and can easily switch to the low equipment option if needed. it works!

Anna, Sweden

I did the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge and i'm never going back. I gained 28 yards in 6 weeks of training and loved the process. Now I can't wait to keep getting better!

Glenn, UK
About the app

Bespoke design with incredible user experience!

Unique Golf Fitness Handicap workout tracking system!

Workouts, Drills, Flexibility, Range Sessions and more!

Full Screen Video Movement Demos, Coaching as well as the GOLFWOD Team on hand.

High Level Support, more and more updates and closer to the goal than ever before:

To be the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game!

Time to get on Board!

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Annual App Membership

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You have 3 elements in the App - the Golf Fitness Handicap you score straight after your workouts, the GOLFWOD Total to test and set new high scores for our 5 point Golf Fitness Test and Track My Swing so you can upload your on course progress too! Get into the app, use the Handbook and never look back.

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