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The GOLFWOD Affiliate Program

Do you want to bring world renowned Golf Fitness to your facility?

Then this is for you. The GOLFWOD Affiliate is a part of the future of golf, offering all levels of golf fitness and performance whether you’re a Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer or Golf Professional.

With an ever increasing number of workout programs, mobility protocols and coaching tutorials, the global coaching network will continue to grow and you have an opportunity to be a part of that movement.

Make sure you have downloaded the Affiliate Program Prospectus at

We are also down to the final few Founding Places left which means the one time $399 is only available for a short time. Afterwards the price will not only increase but also become an annually recurring fee.

What You get:

  • Lifetime GOLFWOD APP Membership
  • Legal use of workouts, intellectual property, marketing and more.
  • Social amplification with our growing channels.
  • Status on our website and future output methods.
  • Unique access and discounts with our Partners.
  • Support and resources to boost your business and increase revenue.
  • Under armour Starter Pack (TBC)
  • New Affiliates only App (TBC)

What you will be able to do:

  • Deliver GOLFWOD programs to golfers and individuals of all levels.

  • Complete the GOLFWOD Assessment.

  • Link the Golf Swing to Human movement for incredible results.

  • Have your content posted through all of our social channels.

  • Build the platform and your share by sending players to the GOLFWOD App.

  • Network with Coaches and Players worldwide as we continue to build our global community.

  • Benefit from our experience both in terms of the GOLFWOD programming but also brand and business management and growth.

  • Get unique benefits and discounts with our incredible partners including TaylorMade Golf, Under Armour and Whoop!
  • Increase revenue with numerous income streams and further commercial opportunities. 

  • Be a part of the Strongest Movement in Golf.

  • We are also only weeks away from delivering the GOLFWOD Affiliates App - an incredible resource to bring all of this together and deliver the kind of experience we all need as coaches and professionals!


It is our passion and our goal to grow the game and deliver the #1 Golf Fitness Platform anywhere. The progress of players worldwide is at the forefront of that goal as is your progress as a coach. This is why the we developed the Affiliate Package, as it allows you to deliver our game changing methodology whilst vastly increasing the revenue and awareness of your own brand or business. 

I can say this with confidence because we know your situation precisely. As a golf coach and gym owner, I understand the economics and challenges faced on a daily basis and have genuinely designed this program to allow for organic growth of everyone involved. Again, this is my passion and if you’re as passionate as me and willing to be a part of this journey, everybody wins including the students and golfers you interact with!

As an Affiliate, you will have permanent details on our website and links out to everything you do.

You will always have the support of the GOLFWOD Team as we aim to grow together and deliver the best Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game.

This, like all GOLFWOD programs will be in line with our Terms and Conditions that you can view here. Due to the nature of this agreement, GOLFWOD will not be liable for the delivery of this content and the coach will be required to be have the necessary insurances etc in place before commencing the GOLFWOD Assessment. 

When purchasing your Affiliate Package you will receive confirmation then direct communications from CEO Michael as to the next steps.

You are also accepting all GOLFWOD terms and conditions and the need to sign the Affiliate Agreement sent by GOLFWOD HQ after purchase.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

The #1 Golf Fitness and Wellness Platform!
The Fastest Way to Better Golf!

This is how you improve.

Whatever your Level, whatever your Goal, Testing your current levels of Golf Flexibility and Golf Fitness is huge for you to make real progress, stay motivated and play your best Golf!

Our Programs are designed to help you boost your GOLFWOD Total high score and when your Total Score increases, your Golf Swing Potential increases too. 

Test. Train. Improve.


These are the best workouts for my game no doubt. I have gained 9 mph of clubhead speed since starting last year. Love it.

Dalton, USA

As a PGA Pro, I love what you have created. I've tried everything before, Running, PT, but I was never consistent. This program is great for my lifestyle and my game. In my 40's and feel better than ever!

Whitney, USA

I love that I always have the workout ready on the app and I know it's good for my game too. I've got my Fitness Handicap down to 31 and can't wait to go lower!

Courtney, UK

As a GOLFWOD Affiliate and Trainer, I have seen countless golfers love these workouts, improve their bodies and see real results on the course. We have more signing up all the time, Golf Gains!

Simon, Dubai

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