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9 Minute Mobility

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Making Time for everything you have to do in a day is tough and far too often its your mobility that suffers. Its easy to let it slip, we know! So this program was designed to guarantee you get it in no matter what!


It is amazing what you can get done in a short period of time as we combine elements from the following:

  • Static and Dynamic Stretching & Mobility Work
  • Functional & Rotational Banded Protocols to fire up your whole body.
  • Primal Movement Flows
  • PNF & Activation Work
  • Zero Equipment to be Done Anywhere, Any Time


What to Expect:

  • Perfect for ALL levels and Goals.
  • Part of Your Daily Movement Maintenance and Optimization
  • An Ideal Golf or Gym Warm Up
  • Easy, Accessible & Effective


This won’t replace your full mobility protocols, but it can have a phenomenally beneficial effect on all areas of performance!

This program does not currently have image demonstrations.

All of our Ebooks are individual products and as such do not integrate with the GOLFWOD APP. However the app can be downloaded for Free to access the movement library, forum and more. This program is also included in the WOD section of the GOLFWOD APP alongside all of our other programs - to join the app Click Here

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the fastest way to better golf!

Our Proven Workouts have helped thousands of golfers around the world improve their games and their lifestyles whilst also becoming a part of something bigger!

This is the Journey, this is Your Journey!

The Future of Golf fitness!

The GOLFWOD App is simple to use, gives you confidence in your training and is guaranteed to help you to play Your Best Golf!

Hobby? No, this is a Lifestyle!

It takes a lot to be consistent with your Golf and with your Training, that is why we have designed a platform that integrates seamlessly into your Lifestyle and Golfers Love it!


These are the best workouts for my game no doubt. I have gained 9 mph of clubhead speed since starting last year. Love it.

Dalton, USA

As a PGA Pro, I love what you have created. I've tried everything before, Running, PT, but I was never consistent. This program is great for my lifestyle and my game. In my 40's and feel better than ever!

Whitney, USA

I love that I always have the workout ready on the app and I know it's good for my game too. I've got my Fitness Handicap down to 31 and can't wait to go lower!

Courtney, UK

As a GOLFWOD Affiliate and Trainer, I have seen countless golfers love these workouts, improve their bodies and see real results on the course. We have more signing up all the time, Golf Gains!

Simon, Dubai

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