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The Golf Training Program for Consistency, Ball Striking and Lower Scores!
3 Month App Membership - GOLFWOD

3 Month App Membership

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Off Season Membership with NO subscriptions! You get unlimited access to all of our programs, features and so much more.

This is an incredible opportunity to get a proven Off Season Golf Fitness Program for a one time purchase of just $69 as you join Golfers around the world making huge progress on and off the course!

Complete the full 12 week program for just $69!

Focus on your chosen program and have the App help you navigate straight to that but that is not all you get - with our App membership you get unlimited access to ALL of our Programs and can change any time, or progress through the Levels to become your best!

You will immediately get the GOLFWOD Handbook as a free download and access to the app created for you - all you have to do is login and follow your program!

Save Time, Save Money AND Play Your Best Golf Ever with GOLFWOD!

No Free Trial is included, please head to the app stores if this is what you are looking for. App membership will be live and accessible within 12 Hours of purchase and we will always aim for this to be as quick as possible.

When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.

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Unlimited access to all of our Programs starting with Beginners and Zero Equipment all the way up to Advanced Strength and Conditioning - the Best Workouts in Golf!

Mobility and Stretching elements throughout the week to help you move better and more freely.

PGA Drills & unique Practice Sessions to match to your Workouts for seamless progress in your Golf Swing.

All Tracked with your unique Golf Fitness Handicap!

Full movement demos, coaching and support available in the GOLFWOD APP.


Already down to a 9 handicap since starting to train alongside you guys. Thanks and keep up the hard work! 

Park Roberts

This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself

Joshua Wright

Appreciate all your help!  Your programs have really helped my back which has helped me get out and play more without any pain!  Keep up the awesome work!

Jake Armstrong


No. When you purchase this membership there are no additional fees and you get access to all current and future programs as well as the Drills, Warm Ups, Practice Sessions and more.

You don't need to. This is a one time purchase not a subscription, so your App Membership will run for 1 year and never charge you again whilst you make a huge amount of progress!

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We have programs starting from zero equipment all the way through to advanced Strength and Conditioning Programs. Choose the Program for you with what you have access to and never look back!

You have 3 elements in the App - the Golf Fitness Handicap you score straight after your workouts, the GOLFWOD Total to test and set new high scores for our 5 point Golf Fitness Test and Track My Swing so you can upload your on course progress too! Get into the app, use the Handbook and never look back.

If you're consistent and follow the Program, absolutely yes! We have thousands of Golfers around the world making huge progress and we know you can do it to! Feel like your struggle, use the community element of the app to talk to other golfers and the GOLFWOD Team to get right back on track and crushing your goals.

Yes, but not here. This purchase is in line with our Terms and Conditions but if you want to trial the App, head to the App Stores and get a 7 day free trial now!

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