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'To inspire health and fitness through and for golf.' Our Mission since day 1.

This is the very foundation of GOLFWOD - Your Golf Workout of the Day and the futue of Golf Fitness:

Open the GOLFWOD App, hit todays Date, hit your chosen Workout, make huge progress!

We have 5 Daily levels for equipment, time and focus and all of them are specifically designed around the Golf Season as a full year round program.

Take ownership of your body and your game and join the Strongest Movement in Golf!

Program focus

Beginner to Advanced, Year round Golf Fitness Program focusing on all elements of Fitness and Golf Performance.

Mobility and Stretching elements throughout the week to help you move better and more freely.

PGA Drills & unique Practice Sessions to match to your Workouts for seamless progress in your Golf Swing.

5 Levels starting from < 20 minutes a day and various equipment options.

All Tracked with your unique Golf Fitness Handicap!

Full movement demos, coaching and support available in the GOLFWOD APP.


Keep it up!! Absolutely love the periodization of shifting focus across the season/year long with mini-portions building up to testing or 1RMs. Also love variation in exercises keeping it interesting and variability of equipment used.

Jeff K, USA

Took a month off from playing or even swinging a club… but focused on functional and asymmetrical movements with my workouts. Played my first round of 9 holes today after the break and shot a PR! Thank you for your effort in putting out quality content that has benefited me greatly!

Will T, USA
EVErything you need to know!

New Workouts every day designed specifically around the whole golfing season.

Beginner to advanced & 20-75 Minutes per session.

Equipment, Time and environment options for all golfers and all scenarios.

Up to 7 Days of Workouts per Week with 3 Days of Flexibility, Coure Preparation, Drills and Practice.

Track and improve your performance in the Gym and on the Course!

SAMPLE Workouts

Monday 18/9 - Functional

Stability - 4 Rounds

8 Hip Thrusts - Barbell Heavier than last week (75% of 1RM Deadlift)

10 Split Stance Single Arm Press @ 7-8 RPE (5 each side)

12 Split Stance Rotational Chop (6 each side)

Control the Eccentric of every Movement - Rest as needed throughout

Power - 5 Rounds

2 Deadlifts @ 85% of 1 RM

Dead Stop between Lifts to focus on Concentric Power - Rest 90 seconds between Rounds

Rotation - 3 Rounds

12 Med Ball Loaded Torso Rotations

12 Med Ball Split Stance Slam 

Both 6 each Side and Explosive - Rest 60 seconds between Rounds

WOD - For Time

50 Single DB/KB Front Rack Lunges (25 each Leg)

40 Face on Rebounding Slams (20 each side)

30 Single DB/KB Push Press (15 each Arm)

20 Med Ball/Loaded Sit Ups

10 Vertical to Rotational Slams

Challenge Score: Sub 8 Minutes

Thursday 21/9 - Active Recovery

Lower Body - 3 Rounds

20 Knee Tap 90-90’s

20 Single Leg GLute Bridge

20 Lateral Lunges

All 10 each side - Activation Focus

Upper Body - 2 Rounds

30 Shoulder Taps (15 each side)

20 Dynamic Windmill Rotations (10 each side)

10 Seated Torso Rotations (5 each side)


20 Lunge with Club Chop

20 Golf Posture Power Rotations

20 Lunge with Club Chop

All 10 each side - Dynamic Stability Focus


Appreciate your workouts, tips and level of detail with each explanation that you provide. Anytime I’m on the range or course, I always suggest your app as an alternative to lessons or a coach!

Brian T, USA

These workouts are absolutely superb! The app subscription has been worth every penny!

David F, AUS

I’ve added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim D, CAN
about the app

Bespoke design with incredible user experience!

Unique Golf Fitness Handicap workout tracking system!

Workouts, Drills, Flexibility, Range Sessions and more!

Full Screen Video Movement Demos, Coaching as well as the GOLFWOD Team on hand.

High Level Support, more and more updates and closer to the goal than ever before:

To be the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game!

Time to get on Board!

Annual App Membership - GOLFWOD

Annual App Membership

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Save $50 on your Annual App Membership with NO subscriptions! You get unlimited access to all of our programs, features and so much more.

Focus on your chosen program and have the App help you navigate straight to that but that is not all you get - with our App membership you get unlimited access to ALL of our Programs and can change any time, or progress through the Levels to become your best!

You will immediately get the GOLFWOD Handbook as a free download and access to the app created for you - all you have to do is login and follow your program!

Save Time, follow a plan AND Play Your Best Golf Ever with GOLFWOD!

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No. When you purchase this membership there are no additional fees and you get access to all current and future programs as well as the Drills, Warm Ups, Practice Sessions and more.

You don't need to. This is a one time purchase not a subscription, so your App Membership will run for 1 year and never charge you again whilst you make a huge amount of progress!

Not specifically, because you don't need one! We have spent thousands of hours with individuals on both Fitness and Golf and have put everything into these programs. Not sure if you're on the right track? Change Program, go to the daily, contact the Team... Either way, we always have what golfers need to get to their best!

We have programs starting from zero equipment all the way through to advanced Strength and Conditioning Programs. Choose the Program for you with what you have access to and never look back!

You have 3 elements in the App - the Golf Fitness Handicap you score straight after your workouts, the GOLFWOD Total to test and set new high scores for our 5 point Golf Fitness Test and Track My Swing so you can upload your on course progress too! Get into the app, use the Handbook and never look back.

If you're consistent and follow the Program, absolutely yes! We have thousands of Golfers around the world making huge progress and we know you can do it to! Feel like your struggle, use the community element of the app to talk to other golfers and the GOLFWOD Team to get right back on track and crushing your goals.

Yes, but not here. This purchase is in line with our Terms and Conditions but if you want to trial the App, head to the App Stores and get a 7 day free trial now!

Annual APP Membership + Onboarding - GOLFWOD

Annual APP Membership + Onboarding

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Get your Personalised Golf Season Training Plan with the #1 Golf Fitness App and make even more progress with our proven Pro's Team Onboarding!

Our best ever Onboarding Process includes your short and long term Training Recommendations, PGA Swing Analysis, Flexibility & Recovery Advice, Nutrition and how to bring it all together to create your ideal Time and Lifestyle Balance!

It's simple - hit purchase, work with the Team, have your entire Season planned out so you can enjoy genuine success on and off the Course!

Save Time, get the Plan you need AND Play Your Best Golf Ever with GOLFWOD!

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