Stretch. Train. Play. Improve.

Recover and Prevent Injuries, Stretch and boost your Flexibility and move like a Golf Swing ACE!
This is Golf: Pain Free!

All Golfers want, and need, 2 things: Flexibility and Consistency!

That is what GOLFWOD PT is all about with simple and effective guided Mobility Sessions for ALL golfers.

With the combination of Performance Physiotherapy, PGA Professional knowledge and some of the best minds in Golf Fitness, we have created Protocols that are easy to follow, are incredibly effective and focus on the struggles almost all golfers experience.

Fix Aches and Pains, remove Restrictions in Body and Swing and develop the Movement Patterns you need to Shoot Lower Scores and feel great doing it!

From just 5 Minutes a Day you can improve Body, Mind and Swing!

How to build your dream golf swing in the Next 30 days Without lessons and thousands of shots!

GOLFWOD Membership is your cheat code to lower scores, less aches and pains as well as more swing speed, longer drives and effortless confidence!

Stop making the mistakes other Golfers make EVERY DAY! Trying to make changes their Body can't achieve, embedding bad habits and wasting time Smashing Balls without a real purpose!

Get your GOLFWOD PT Membership and never be lost with your Game, Flexibility or Training again!

The PT App has Clinically Proven Rehab and Prehab Protocols, incredible Golf Specific Flexibility Sessions and our new Training paradigm: ACE! Advanced Corrective Exercises to have your body feeling better than ever on and off the Course!

Sign up now for Pro Level Confidence and the Movement Program your Body, and Golf Swing, definitely Needs!

Member Testimonials

'I've been a GOLFWOD Member for years and adding in the PT App has been incredible. I feel better than ever, my training has improved and my Golf Swing feels incredible!'

Ben - UK

I've added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim, Sydney

Having tried so many other programs, I wasn't sure if this was for me but I've been blown away by the results. I get the intensity in the gym but also feel the transfer to the course. I actually enjoy training now and to add distance too is pretty awesome!

Justin, Ten

Having a Handicap in the Gym that I know is helping my game helps me to be consistent with my training. Have so much more energy on the course too - member for life!

Jack, Florida

I've been doing GOLFWOD since the start and to see the new App is so cool. Can't wait for more golfers to join the awesome community and see the benefits like I have.

Lexi, UK

'The new video layout is so cool and makes following the movements even easier than before. Stretching for Golf has always been something I knew I should do, but with PT, I actually get it done. Big win.'

Jared - USA
is this really for me?

If you're a Golfer, you want your Body to feel flexible and unrestricted and you want a better Golf Swing then YES, this is absolutely for you!

And you can be sure we have the Protocols you need to see real progress, fit your lifestyle and help you build new habits that help you Test, Track and Improve!

Just as few of the current programs in PT:

Quick Fixes: Golfers/Tennis Elbow - Knee Pain - Low Back Pain - Neck Pain.

Swing Fault Protocols: Early Extension Fix - Stiff Shoulder Fix - The Slice Fix.

Zero Equipment Protocols: Hips & Lower Back - Upper Body - T-Spine.

Golf Flexibility Protocols: The Everyday - 5 Minute Beginner!

Swing Specific Protocols: Optimal Impact - Swing Builder Pro = Effortless Speed!

ACE Complete Protocols: Bodyweight - Banded - Loaded

This isn't all of the programs in there right now and not only that, they are super simple to follow and we are working on new protocols right now.

Never any additional charges, full video demos and the best protocols for your Body and your Game!

3 things you need to know:

1 : You get EVERYTHING with your Membership - No Additional Fees! We have the Workouts, Stretching and Drills you need to improve on and off the Course!

2 : This is not our Workout App - PT is focused around Injury Rehab, Flexibility and ACE - Advanced Corrective Exercise - which is a sub 20 minute movement design with various equipment Protocols. You can start with Zero Equipment and at ANY Level and the Team is always here to support you!

3 : Everything is designed to be simple to follow along, with integrated video demonstrations, sets, reps and coaching notes. You will make incredible Progress and you will feel and move better on and off the course.!

We want every Golfer to Play Pain Free and to remove limitations to Distance, Ball Striking and Consistency through freedom of movement and improved performance.

about the app

Bespoke design with incredible user experience!

Unique Golf Flexibility Handicap workout tracking system!

The PT Total - a 6 Point Movement Test for you to set a new high score and progress!

Rehabilitation, Flexibility, Mobility, ACE, Drills and more!

Interatcive and improved video demonstrations, fully designed programs and coaching tips.

High Level Support, more and more updates and closer to the goal than ever before:

Your Handheld Golf Physio and Movement Coach.

How any Golfer can Stretch and move with consistency!

We all know Flexibility is huge for Golf, but are you getting it done?

​Too often, the answer is no but now, with the GOLFWOD PT App, you have proven, simple Stretching and Mobility Protocols specifically designed for your Swing that start from as little as 5 minutes a day...

​You can do that and you should do that because when your Body moves better, your Flexibility increase and you can be consistent with your Swing technique, good things are going to happen!

Effortless Swings, great Ball Striking and the feel good factor every time you address the ball... Know is the time to get Flexible for Golf.

Why are our protocols different? Because we design them with PGA Professionals and Elite Physios who know how the body works, know how you can apply it to the Swing and also how to get you applying them with consistency. That is why PT is your secret weapon to your best Golf ever!

Your Best Golf. Ever.

Longer Drives. lower Scores. This is what we do!
Why Are You Here?

Because Golfers, like everyone else, know that Health and Fitness is Vital!

Vital for your lifestyle, your longevity and also, for your Golf!

But training hasn't always been a thing in golf so you're probably wondering why you should change that now?!

Why? Because our members have proven that the Golf Fitness Lifestyle will bring you Longer Drives, Lower Scores and help you get the Body and Fitness Level you want!

We've been on this journey for a while and have worked with all levels with incredible results. We understand your needs, we understand what you want to achieve and we are here to help!

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