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The Best Workouts in Golf!
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When you become a Member of the GOLFWOD App you get ALL of our programs, all of our workouts, warm ups, stretches drills and more!

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to inspire health and fitness through and for golf!

The #1 Golf Fitness App with programs, workouts, stretching & more for all golfers!

We put everything in to creating the best workouts in golf and thousands of golfers all around the world are seeing HUGE Golf Gains with them! All of our workouts are in the GOLFWOD APP and all future workouts will be too!

No additional fees, just Golf Fitness designed for you and your game! From our 3 Daily programs through to specifically designed programs for specific results, we have the workouts you need to Golf Strong!

Whether you're looking for a fully structured Strength & Conditioning program, a zero equipment at home blast or anything in between, we have what you need!


3 daily levels

Athlete for Advanced Golf Fitness

Lifestyle for Less Time & Less Equipment

Scratch for Bands and Bodyweight Only

We create our daily workouts for year round performance focusing on strength, power, speed, rotatio, work capacity and mobility.

For Golfers, by Golfers.

golf specific programs
Looking for Golf Gains with a time frame? Our specialised programs give you exactly that and range from Beginners to high level Hybrid Training!
10 low equipment programs

From Beginners, to perfect travel workouts and single Dumbbell or Kettlebell programs, we have 10 full options for you to work through that are all 4 weeks long and designed for serious progress!


Change your swing with our made for programs to work on Posture, Stability, Speed, Power & Rotation.

Golfers of all levels love these programs as they are only 3 days a week and 30-40 minutes at a time but with our unique design, deliver HUGE results on the course!

4 Performance programs

Looking to take your Golf Fitness and Athleticism to the highest level? This is where to be! Hybrid Strength, Functional Bodybuilding, Max Speed and more to come!

These programs hit hard so you can too!


Everything a golfer needs to be successful in the gym! You will get your first Golf Fitness Handicap to track your progress, have a growing selection of Warm Ups, Flexibility Work and Drills alongside Tour Level Coaching, an amazing community and so much more!

When you become a member of the App you get ALL of our Programs and with new Workouts uploaded every week you can always Golf Strong!

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