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The Best Workouts in Golf.

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The unique Golf Fitness Handicap and Scorecard to track your Progress!

Goal, Time and Equipment options so yoiu always get the right program!

All sets, reps, days, drills and more set out and designed specifically for your game!

Track Your Swing, share with Golfers around the world and make genuine progress!

We are your Handheld Golf Coaching Team and you are just a few clicks away frokm Better Golf, Better Health, Better Fitness and more time for your Lifestyle!

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why you need golfwod...

You are just 3 Simple Steps away from a better Golf Swing and a Better Body!

No more Lower Back Pain or Injuries!

No more short, wayward Drives off the Tee!

No more feeling bad about your Body and your Lifestyle Habits!

With GOLFWOD, we guarantee you will see HUGE Progress on and off the course meaning:

Longer Drives and Lower Scores!

More Energy and Less Aches and Pains!

Better, more Consistent Ball Striking without having a Lesson!

Lose Weight, Build Muscle and feel better than ever!

With the best Workouts in Golf, Stretching, Mobility, Drills, Practice Sessions and more, the GOLFWOD Platform is here to change your game and your Life!

3 Steps:

1: Hit Purchase and send the Team your Details.

2: Get Your Membership, Personal Onboarding and don't worry about Subscriptions, we sort everything!

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So you want to play better golf?

All Golfers want to Play better Golf, but what is that?

Lower Scores, More Distance and More Enjoyment with less aches, pains and bad days on the course!

Well with GOLFWOD you can get exactly that and improve your Health, Fitness and Wellness as well as improve your busy schedule!

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what you need to do today:

Hit Purchase and send us your golf and fitness background so we can create your app account, line up your workout program, flexibility work and swing drills then help you become your best on and off the course!

No subscriptions to setup, no time building workouts or researching Golf Fitness - we do the everything for you so all you need is the desire to improve your Game!

Then, it's time to do the work with full confidence and accountability of the GOLFWOD Team and every single golfer around the world in our awesome Golf Strong Community!

When you become a Member of the GOLFWOD App you get ALL of our programs, all of our workouts, warm ups, stretches drills and more!

This is why thousands of Golfers all around the world trust GOLFWOD for all things golf and fitness!

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about the app

Bespoke design with incredible user experience!

Unique Golf Fitness Handicap workout tracking system!

Workouts, Drills, Flexibility, Range Sessions and more!

Full Screen Video Movement Demos, Coaching as well as the GOLFWOD Team on hand.

High Level Support, more and more updates and closer to the goal than ever before:

To be the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game!

Time to get on Board!

but can i really do this?

Golfers don't really train do they?!

Maybe not in the past but, today, with GOLFWOD on their side, Golfers are looking after their health and fitness more than ever!

Why? Because our workouts will literally change your game and hugely benefit every aspect of your life! That's worth doing a couple Squats for!

And thats the other thing, this isn't all Heavy Weights and Maxing Out Club Head Speed... Far from it!

Our programs start from Zero Equipment at Home Challenges suitable for all levels, through to low equipment, 40 minute workouts 3 times a week through to full Strength and Conditioning Performance Programs!

You start where you start, that's the beauty because no matter the level, we are all here trying to get better and GOLFWOD is the answer!

No more excuses, you can do this, you should do this and we want to help you every step of the way!!

The Best Workouts in Golf!

Your Game: Improved

The Team is ready and waiting to change your game!

Click GO, Sign Up and let the GOLFWOD Professionals Team set you up for long term Golfing Success!
Tired of the same old workouts?

It happens and maintaining motivation and enjoyment in your training is a HUGE part of making long term progress! We've been there!

Performing the same circuits for the same results... Working with a trainer who has you wondering exactly what you're aiming for?

We've experienced it all and that is why we exist! We want you to have the best Golf Fitness Experience of your life every time you get a training session in!

No more boredom. No more average workouts for below avergae results. With GOLFWOD you will, Golf Strong!

Better Body, Better Game!

Bringing your Physical Changes to the Course with groundbreaking Results!
So Why is GOLFWOD Different?

By Golfers, For Golfers.

Our programs are proven and unique because we combine PGA Professional Coaching and Fitness Expertise to bring you workouts guaranteed to improve your game.

How do we know? Because we, as well as thousands of other golfers, have been on this journey and the results are incredible!

This isn't another program aimed at being 'golf specific...' Our programs are designed and built around real world performance right now and into the future!

With GOLFWOD you won't be lefting hoping your game improves at a certain point, you'll see it!

Your Best Golf. Ever.

Longer Drives. lower Scores. This is what we do!
Is this really for Me?!

Yes. If you want to improve your health, fitness and golf swing this is absolutely for you!

We have workouts and programs for ALL levels - experience and equipment - and have had golfers from 15 to 74 use GOLFWOD to see huge results!

You'll be able to fit them into your daily routines as well, as our workouts range from 20 to 90 minutes, are delivered straight to device and are fully laid out for you to follow and execute.

No more guess work, no more excuses, just the progress and lifestyle you have always wanted!

want to start with a free trial?

If you want to experience the incredible GOLFWOD APP first and not work with the Team to get started, you can head over to the APP Store right now, Sign Up and get immediate access to the #1 Golf Fitness App!

you can get it on google play too!

Get the App straight to your device and get to work with the best Workouts in Golf!

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Why Are You Here?

Because Golfers, like everyone else, know that Health and Fitness is Vital!

Vital for your lifestyle, your longevity and also, for your Golf!

But training hasn't always been a thing in golf so you're probably wondering why you should change that now?!

Why? Because our members have proven that the Golf Fitness Lifestyle will bring you Longer Drives, Lower Scores and help you get the Body and Fitness Level you want!

We've been on this journey for a while and have worked with all levels with incredible results. We understand your needs, we understand what you want to achieve and we are here to help!

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Guarantee Huge Progress by Working with the Team and being a part of the #1 Fitness Platform in Golf!

You're now ready to join GOLFWOD, onboard with the Team and crush all of your Goals with the GOLFWOD App!

You can Onboard via with Head of Performance Michael to get started! We will cover your game, training, flexibility, nutrition and more!

The process is simple:

Hit Purchase > Email the requested details > Receive Your App Membership (No Subscriptions) > Experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 24 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.