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The home of golf fitness delivered straight to your device every Sunday.

Our 7-day PGA Tour validated programming gives you your full week of workouts with equipment variations, all designed to match the golf season and your personal goals.

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  • The best golf fitness workouts delivered every Sunday, including strength, speed, power, rotation, movement quality and endurance 
  • Workout variations and movement breakdowns with coach's notes and guidance for every level
  • Bespoke content throughout the year for optimum on and off the course performance 
  • Easy to manage monthly billing
  • Full access to all aspects of our golf performance training program, including our coaching team 

What coach Michael has to say... 

"This is the original, day-to-day programming that defines everything GOLFWOD is about. Varied yet structured, you'll work through different periods of training throughout the golfing year and see the performance improvements you deserve with hard work.

This program is designed to last a lifetime with every month bringing you fresh workouts designed to increase your golf performance in and around your lifestyle. They're also crazy fun too!"


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