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The Best Workouts in Golf with fully integrated Golf Performance!
Golf fitness for any golfer to improve and progress!

Ready to Train for Golf? We do that and so much more with the Best Workouts in Golf and the incredible GOLFWOD APP!

Programs all the way from Zero Equipment & Beginners through to proven Season Round Strength and Conditioning Programs that will have you Playing your best Golf ever!

When you Onboard, we assess your Swing, Setup your entire Pathway including Training, Nutrition, Mobility , Drills and Practice... We do everything, you just have to get your Reps!

Do this and you will have the best Golf Training Program for your Game possible and you can experience Lower Scores, Longer Drives and the type of energy on the Course that always has a smile on your face!

This is where you find the balance between Fitness, Golf and your Lifestyle and you will be amazed how good it feels when you get there!

We won't stop until you reach and surpass your goals... time to Golf Strong!!

get your membership with no subscriptions, no additional fees ever and work with the golfwod professionals team!

where does your golf fitness journey start?

The Best Players in the World lift weights every single week and focus on their Fitness to create the incredible consistency and power we all want! Golfers everywhere aldso know the importance of strength, fitness and health overall to feel great on and off the course! We deliver the programs you need and have 2 sections to our workouts in the Training app:

The original, Daily Workouts which are fresh each and every week, are programmed around the Golf Season with specific Fitness Cycles and with 5 options per day for equipment, time and goals!

Then, we have LEVELS! Set programs over a set period of time and with a very specific focus so you have the perfect place to start. Work through the programs, track with your Golf Fitness Handicap and always have somewhere to LEVEL UP and always be getting better!

Check out all of our programs here and know we are always working on new options:


The OG GOLFWOD: Golf Season focused Functional Fitness with Recovery, Drills, Warm Ups, Practice Sessions & more! 


Take GOLFWOD into a Conventional style gym with Machines, Free Weights and a different design for you to Golf Strong.


Combine Functional and Conventional, add in Landmines, Sleds and reach a whole new level of Golf Performance!


Creating your Golf Fitness Lifestyle with Daily Workouts in less time, with all the Lifts and all the Golf Gains! 


Less Equipment, Less Time and a perfect Golf Workout option every single day wherever you are. Never miss a day!

choose your level!

The Best Workouts in Golf with a Specific Focus, a set time frame and Progress guaranteed!


Beginner to Intermediate 12 Week Program for Movement quality, Rotation and Consistency.


Age Specific Golf Fitness for 13-16 year olds with Strength, Stability and Speed for huge Golf Gains!

OVER 50's

Low impact, high yield Program for Movement, Stability and Consistency ideal for the mature Golfer.


Workouts, Flexibility, Drills and Practice for Core Strength, Balance and Speed with long term progressions! 


12 Weeks of Intermediate to Advanced Training for HUGE Speed Gains in the Gym and on the Course!


Development Program for 16-18 Year olds, focused Strength, Power & Speed to get you to the next Level!


A progressive Challenge for Speed, Stability, Consistency and high level Golf Fitness!


No weights needed - 8 Weeks of Club and Exercise Band focused Training for Golf.


A challenging program requiring only a single weight, Dumbbell or Kettlebell and Bands to create next Level Golf Performance.


Advanced 12 Week Strength and Power Program for Structured Adaptation and Performance to take your game to the highest Level.

How ANY golfer can train, get fitter and play better golf!

With our PGA designed Workouts, Stretching, Drills and more, every golfer has the perfect option for their body and unique swing pattern!

This is the Ultimate Coaching tool to help you save money and time whilst working with the best in the World and seeing huge progress on your own schedule!

GOLFWOD is the secret to golfers actually enjoying exercise, training with confidence and creating health and movement that will last a lifetime!

What's better? Dramatically reduce injury risk with better Flexibility, more Strength and an improved Golf Swing! (You'll have way more energy on the course too. Bonus!)

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap now!

Member Testimonials

I've added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim, Sydney

Having tried so many other programs, I wasn't sure if this was for me but I've been blown away by the results. I get the intensity in the gym but also feel the transfer to the course. I actually enjoy training now and to add distance too is pretty awesome!

Justin, Ten

Having a Handicap in the Gym that I know is helping my game helps me to be consistent with my training. Have so much more energy on the course too - member for life!

Jack, Florida

I've been doing GOLFWOD since the start and to see the new App is so cool. Can't wait for more golfers to join the awesome community and see the benefits like I have.

Lexi, UK
can i really benefit from golf fitness?

Absolutely! Every individual, whether a golfer or not, is going to improve all outcomes by being the healthiest and fittest verion of themselves!!

The add in that we create the best workouts in Golf with proven results and you have yourself a handheld Fitness Coach that not only works, but helps you enjoy the process and be consistent! This is how you win!

Current programs in GOLFWOD:

Daily Program: Functional - Conventional - Hybrid - Lifestyle - Scratch

Level 1: Break 90 - Junior Academy - Ladies Golf Fitness - Over 50's.

Level 2: +10mph Speed Gains - Academy - Break 80 - Unloaded.

Level 3: Scratch Performance - Strength and Performance!

ACE Complete Protocols: Bodyweight - Banded - Loaded

The Daily Programs are fresh each week and match the golf season, Levels are incredible for your Goals, they are super simple to follow and we are working on new programs right now.

Never any additional charges, full video demos and the best programs anywhere, any time so you can Golf Strong!!

3 things you need to know:

1 : You get EVERYTHING with your Membership - No Additional Fees! We have the Workouts, Stretching and Drills you need to improve on and off the Course!

2 : You can start with Zero Equipment and at ANY Fitness Level! Choose your Level or dive straight into GOLFWOD wherever you are right now - the Team is always here to support you!

3 : You will make incredible Progress with your Golf, your Fitness and Your Health. We have created the ultimate Golf and Fitness Coaching tool so that you can succeed on your Golf Fitness Journey anywhere and at any time!

We guarantee your progress and can't wait to hear of all your Golf Gains!Time to Golf Strong#GOLFWOD

about the app

Bespoke design with incredible user experience!

Unique Golf Fitness Handicap workout tracking system!

The GOLFWOD Total - a 5 point Golf Fitness Test for you to Assess, Track and Improve.!

The Best Workouts in Golf with options for ALL Levels.

Interactive video demonstrations, fully designed programs and coaching tips.

High Level Support, more and more updates and closer to the goal than ever before:

Your Handheld Golf Performance Coach.

What is the onboarding process?

This is where you get your Personalised Roadmap for all things Swing, Training, Flexibility, Nutrition and Consistency!

Work with Head of Performance Michael on everything you need to be overwhelmingly successful with GOLFWOD:

1: Get the right Golf Fitness Program in the GOLFWOD APP for your current Fitness Level, Equipment preferences, Available Time and match it to your Swing Progressions and Golf Goals!

2: Send us your Swing Videos so we can give you a PGA Breakdown of the Swing, where you can improve and how you can see specific progress from the Gym to the Course!

3: Include additional Mobility and Recovery elements so you can develop your Flexibility, reduce Injuries, Aches and Pains and feel better than ever!

4: Give us your current Nutritional Overview and we will help you set the Foundations to Progress with your Diet. From Specific Macros to simple Life Hacks, getting your Nutrition on point is as important as the Training itself!

5: Do all of this with your Specific Goals and Individual preferences with one of the leading Coaches in this space from where you are and have a plan that covers at least the next 12 Months!

Send us your details and get your Full Personalised Plan within 48 Hours direct from us.

This is a unique opportunity to create a Tour Level setup at a fraction of the cost from the comfort of your own home!

The Workouts, Mobility, Drills and more are ready and available in the GOLFWOD App and your Onboarding guarantees you get the best pathway to success!

We will give you your Personalised Plan so you can truly succeed on and off the Course! It is time to Golf Strong!

Your Best Golf. Ever.

Longer Drives. lower Scores. This is what we do!
how will i feel after just 7 days?

Your Body and Energy levels will change almost immediately and most of our members come back to tell us how good they feel in as little as 7 days!

To take that to the course and into your swing, use our Drills, Practice Sessions and PGA Coaching to see real change and align your swing with your new levels of Health and Fitness. Effortless Power and amazing Consistency!

Don't waste your time and money looking for a trainer who knows a little bit about golf, go with the proven, #1 platform in Golf Fitness and Performance to help you every step of the way - we are your Handheld Coaching Team!

We do everything for you - Sets and Reps, Workouts and Flexibility, plus with our PGA Professional Experience, we truly know the Swing. This isn't 12 handicap bro science!

And every time you train you will have our Coaching and explanations on hand, as well as Video Demonstrations for every movement and we provide movement options wherever possible too - this is invaluable!

All you have to do is follow the Program, do your Reps and see the results! Along the way we ensure no stone is unturned to give you everything you need to succeed, enjoy the process and play your best golf ever!

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