Golf Club Only Fitness!

All you need is a club and 20 minutes to improve Body & Game!
Golf Fitness: more simple than ever!

1: Golf Specific Fitness and Workouts you can do anywhere with only a Golf Club in less than 20 Minutes!

2: Workout anywhere, at any level to boost your consistency and shoot lower scores!

3: Swing with effortless power and create positive changes on and off the course!

Sound like the perfect place to start? It's is, better golf is absolutely achievable for you and we can't wait to help you experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

This is what we designed Club Fit for! Golfers looking for the right training program to get started and shoot lower scores!

club fit!

With Train Like You Play!
what you need to do

The first thing is that you wanrt to improve and you want the most simple and accessible golf workouts ever!!

Once you're in, check out the Free Drills and Movements right here on this page and all of our incredible content on our socials! This gets you on the path! Then grab the Club Fit program for specific Sets, Reps and Timings designed by the best in the business to help you play better Golf!!

We have helped thousands of Golfers around the World do this and we want you to be next!

Club Fit - GOLFWOD

Club Fit

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Golfers... Get a hold of this program if you want the most simple and accessible golf workouts around!

All you need is a club and you can rotate better, increase flexibility and effortless speed to your swing!

You've seen the Drills, you know the Movements and with our workout designs you can create effortless power and consistent ball striking.

All with our easiest to follow programs ever! 

3 Days a week, 20 minutes per session and full image library!

With Club Fit we focus on 3 key areas:

1: Flexibility and Movement Quality to get you feeling better than ever.

2: Sequencing and Asymmetry for consistent speed and power that works for your game.

3: Full Body workouts to strengthen your Core, improve your movement and create a better Golf Swing all whilst fitting easily into your busy lifestyle.

Golf. Fitness. Time to Train Like You Play! 1 month of unique, golf focused workouts that will help you create the golf swing you want.

This workout program also has all movement images within the Ebook download!

 What you need:

  • Zero Equipment = All you need is a Club!
  • The desire to create a better body and a better golf swing!
  • This workout program!!

Through our extensive knowledge and unique style, we build workouts that challenge all aspects of fitness, from power & speed, to balance and overall capacity. Not only that, the Workouts are Challenging, Engaging & Fun.

An incredible Golf Fitness program for smashing your goals as well as your drives - you will be amazed by your progress and performance.

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Why Club Fit & what do you need?

20 Minute Sessions, 3 Days a Week for 4 weeks total!

Low Equipment Workouts with Static and Dynamic Elements, Rotation, Core Work and more!

Value for a lifetime and an awesome travel or warm up guide too!

Zero Equipment = A golf club, nothing else!

Goals: Develop movement, sequencing and Speed development. A stronger Core, improved Balance & more Stability for awesome Consistency!

All the Movements in club fit!

What are other Golfers Saying?

I’ve been training 3x a week since January and gained 30+ yards since! Nikko De Guzman, USA

‘I’ve added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!’ Tim, Aus

‘Having tried so many other programs I wasn’t sure if this was for me but I’ve been blown away by the results! I get the intensity in the gym but also feel the transfer to the course. I actually enjoy training now and to add distance too is pretty awesome!’ Justin, USA

How this changes your swing!

1: Improved Flexibility and Mobility so you can move the way you want to!

2: Improved Sequencing and Power to help you deliver effortless Power!

3: Improved Stability and Balance so you can Transfer Energy and deliver the club with amazing Consistency!

4: Better Fitness Levels mean you will have more energy and better endurance so your game never weakens!

5: A better body means better performance now, but also into the future as you injury proof your game!

3 Drills you need for better ball striking!

So Why will this help me?

By Golfers, For Golfers.

Our programs are proven and unique because we combine PGA Professional Coaching and Fitness Expertise to bring you workouts guaranteed to improve your game.

How do we know? Because we, as well as thousands of other golfers, have been on this journey and the results are incredible!

This isn't another program aimed at being 'golf specific...' Our programs are designed and built around real world performance right now and into the future!

With TLYP you won't be left hoping your game improves at a certain point, you'll see it!

The golfwod app

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