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Golf & Fitness Success in 2023!
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The unofficial start of the Golfing Season is here and we want to help you kick it off in the best way possible!

When The Masters comes around, you know you want to be playing your best Golf, feeling great and have everything in place to shoot Lower Scores, reduce your Handicap and enjoy consistent progress this Season! 

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How this works for You and your Game!

With your Membership you get the Best Workouts in Golf with options for ALL levels and needs!

But thats not all, you get all of this straight to your device too:

Stretching, Mobility, Drills, Coaching, Practice Sessions and more!

The unique Golf Fitness Handicap and Scorecard to track your Progress!

What is the process?

Know that you want to improve your Health, Fitness and Golf!

Don't worry about equipment, we have programs and stretching starting from zero!

Buy your Membership and get into the app with the GOLFWOD Team!

You get ALL of our programs and never have to pay additional fees!

Get to work, track your progress and play better golf than ever whilst drastically improving your Health!

What we do!

Let's get to work and Golf Strong!

What our Members are Saying:

I've added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!

Tim, Sydney

Having tried so many other programs, I wasn't sure if this was for me but I've been blown away by the results. I get the intensity in the gym but also feel the transfer to the course. I actually enjoy training now and to add distance too is pretty awesome!

Justin, USA

Having a Handicap in the Gym that I know is helping my game helps me to be consistent with my training. Have so much more energy on the course too - member for life!

Jack, USA

I've been doing GOLFWOD since the start and to see the new App is so cool. Can't wait for more golfers to join the awesome community and see the benefits like I have.

Lexi, UK

Appreciate your workouts, tips and level of detail with each explanation that you provide. Anytime I’m on the range or course, I always suggest your app as an alternative to lessons or a coach!

Brian Thompson

‘Just want to say that discovering GOLFWOD has been the best thing to happen to my golf game! I love training even more now that my training is geared toward my golf game! Keep killing it!

Mus, Phillipines
how any golfer can train, get fitter and play better golf!

With our PGA designed Workouts, Stretching, Drills and more, every golfer has the perfect option for their body and unique swing pattern!

This is the Ultimate Coaching tool to help you save money and time whilst working with the best in the World and seeing huge progress on your own schedule!

GOLFWOD is the secret to golfers actually enjoying exercise, training with confidence and creating health and movement that will last a lifetime!

What's better? Dramatically reduce injury risk with better Flexibility, more Strength and an improved Golf Swing! (You'll have way more energy on the course too. Bonus!)

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap now!

BUt is this really for me?

Golfers don't really train do they?!

Maybe not in the past but, today, with GOLFWOD on their side, Golfers are looking after their health and fitness more than ever!

Why? Because our workouts will literally change your game and hugely benefit every aspect of your life! That's worth doing a couple Squats for!

And thats the other thing, this isn't all Heavy Weights and Maxing Out Club Head Speed... Far from it!

Our programs start from Zero Equipment at Home Challenges suitable for all levels, through to low equipment, 40 minute workouts 3 times a week through to full Strength and Conditioning Performance Programs!

You start where you start, that's the beauty because no matter the level, we are all here trying to get better and GOLFWOD is the answer!

No more excuses, you can do this, you should do this and we want to help you every step of the way!!

are you ready to experience the golf fitness lifestyle?
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improving your game isn't easy, it takes time, but...

GOLFWOD is here to help you progress as soon as your FIRST 7 DAYS!

As Golfers, we all know that we can take more time to improve our games! But why not work on the area that can have the BIGGEST impact on your Swing, your Scores and your Longevity!?

That is why it is time to Train Like You Play! Golf Fitness Workouts design for Golfers, by Golfers with a proven success rate of thousands of golfers around the world!!

Effortless Power, no more Niggles and all the energy you need to play a great 18 holes!

Start feeling better on and off the course in as little as 7 Days starting with as little as 1 hours training a week!

We do things differently so you can too, deside to be better, decide to Golf Strong!

Create effortless speed... Get More flexible... lose weight...

No more January Fitness Failure this year!! We have the workouts, the accountability and the Team to help you succeed and break that negative cycle!

Whatever your Goals we have the workouts that you need!

From the basics you need to start with to GOLFWOD Membership Golfers everywhere can now train with confidence!

Use your Golf Goals to inspire you to better health and fitness! Imagine training 3 times a week, Breaking 80 and changing your body?! Now is the time and we are here to help you make it happen!

This is a revolution. We deliver incredible workouts straight to your device so you can focus on your progress! We have the workouts your game needs!
Consistency is Hard.

Both on the course and with your Fitness Goals. We get it, we've been there!

We have also helped thousands of golfers around the world discover the Golf Fitness Lifestyle and know exactly what it can mean for you!

That is why we spend hours every single day creating content, bringing value and putting everything possible into our workouts to make them the best in the game!

See Progress, Inspire Change and Motivate yourself to beeverything you can be!

Why is GOLFWOD for me and my game?

Because you want to Play Better Golf! You want to feel Better and you want to Reduce Injuries!
Stretching? Drills? More Content?

We want to help every single Golfer we can and you are definitely one of them!

Our workouts are the best in golf for a reason: They are designed, tested and continually improved by PGA Professionals! Not just a trainer who plays a little golf on the side, this is what we do!

So everything we do is based on helping you play the best golf of your life and motivating you to experience the best health and fitness of your life too! The Mission is real!

Check out everything we have to offer here but also our IG, Youtube and more for hugely valuable content for every aspect of performance and lifestyle!

From daily Mobility work to PGA Coaching to the best Workouts in Golf and Nutrition! This is a movement, this is for Golf, this is for You!

the best workouts in golf!
We absolutely believe in what we do and know that we can help you make real progress on and off the course, FAST! Join our worldwide community to push yourself alongside countless golfers everywhere and together, we can Change The Game!

The best workouts in Golf! incredible content with long term value and impact! The tools you need to truly experience your best Golf anf Fitness!!

Incredible Workouts starting with Simple Programs through to the #1 Golf Fitness and Performance APP - GOLFWOD!

Effective, Free PGA Coaching and Drills!

Proven Golf Fitness designed by Specialists with thousands of Hours of experience!

A training experience that is easy to follow, proven to work and designed for your game!

A worldwide community of golfers working to improve and ba a part of positive change!

Awesome partners, opportunities and so much more!

Be a part of something bigger, be a part of the future of Golf performance, join the Strongest Movement in Golf!


Annual APP Membership + Onboarding - GOLFWOD

Annual APP Membership + Onboarding

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The Masters Special Offer - Save 20% AND get Guaranteed Progress with GOLFWOD! How? Before Day 1 of the 2023 Masters, you can get Your Annual or Lifetime Memberships, Onboarding with the GOLFWOD Team AND a Money Back Guarantee for the whole of APRIL!

Don't crush it like the rest of our Members? Come back to us and if we can't help you get to where you want to be, we refund your Membership!! We are so confident that Golfers all around the world just like you love the GOLFWOD App we want you to use all the motivation of April to start your Golf Fitness Journey!

And you SAVE Money too!

Golf Fitness is real and if you want to improve your swing, play with more consistency and hit longer drives to lower your Handicap, you're in the right place! You also can't lose with Guaranteed Progress on the Course, in the Gym and for your Lifestyle as a whole! This is what we do and if it doesn't work we will refund your membership!

You're now ready to join GOLFWOD, onboard with the Team and crush all of your Goals with the GOLFWOD App!

You can Onboard via with Head of Performance Michael to get started! We will cover your game, training, flexibility, nutrition and more!

The process is simple:

Hit Purchase > Email the requested details > Receive Your App Membership (No Subscriptions) > Experience the Golf Fitness Lifestyle!

App memberships via onboarding will always be completed within 24 hours. This is an Onboarding purchase that includes Your App membership.

Refunds will be processed on an individual basis via the GOLFWOD Team, please email for further details.

Why Annual?

Get a full year of the best workouts in golf so you can train with confidence, make real progress with your health and fitness as well as building more consistency, more distance and shooting lower scores!!

But that's not all...

You also get PGA Proven Warm Ups, Stretching, Specifics, Drills, Practice Sessions and more that fit in seamlessly to your training and play so that you create the best lifestyle possible for yourself and your game.

Track it all with the unique Workout Scorecard and Golf Fitness Handicap then compete with golfers around the world on our global leaderboard for accountability, measured progress and genuine fun when you train!

Add in Benchmarks, Swing Tracking, the incredible Community and a whole host of other benefits and you will soon see why this is so many of our members favourite golf membership!

Don't waste time and money trying to figure out a golf fitness program yourself or working with an over priced under skilled trainer, get the best in the world straight to your device so you can train on your schedule, wherever you choose and double down on huge progress. Fitness failure is a thing of the past!

No Free Trial is included, please head to the app stores if this is what you are looking for.

The 1-on-1 coaching is subject to availability and no minimum requirements. Communications will be done via email to or in some cases calls and or texts. The 1-on-1 coaching will help you complete workouts and training already provided within the app with the additional help of our ongoing guidance. Your progress must be based upon consistent use of the app, provable through your usage and tracking and we must feel the request to be reasonable in its approach.

When purchasing and using this product, you are accepting the GOLFWOD terms and conditions of use. Please refer to them for details or contact us directly.


Purchase your Membership right here, let the Professional Team take you through the Onboarding Process then move forward with incredible confidence knowing that you are about to succeed!

Our #1 Golf Fitness App has the best deigital experience possible for you and your game! Everything is laid out for you from sets and reps to specific video demos with zero navigation. This is the best way to learn, train and succeed.

No. When you sign up for app membership you get all of our workouts, the exclusive daily programming and everything else we have to offer.

Absolutely. We have workouts from Beginners through to Performance level and always give Equipment and Movement options.

In the App, you can log your workouts, training, mobility and more to Train Like you Play. So just like with your game, if you're making progress, your Handicap goes down. Consistency, Progress and Feedback.

No, we put absolutely everything we have into the workouts in the app and guarantee that we have what you are looking for! All of our huge experience in Golf and Fitness means that we deliver the programs that golfers need and the experience will create a personalised, tour feel to your progress!

100% Look at the best players in the world, look at the GOLFWOD community... Our workouts will help you in so many different ways on and off the course and we are here to help you on that journey.

Buy your Membership right here and Onboard with the Team or grab a 7 day free trial! From there, the app will help you choose the right program or you can jump in on the daily programming at any time!